Insurance and Extended Warranty


How to love it… and keep it longer!

Riding a Honda motorcycle is a passionate pastime. It’s all about the freedom and sensation of exceptional supremacy and boundless pleasure – the pure joy of powered two-wheel travel.

At Honda MPE, we understand your passion and how much you want to protect it. That’s why we launched Honda Motorcycle Insurances and Extended Warranty, providing you with access to a suite of tailored motorcycle insurance and warranty products which recognise your riding experience and reward you, the rider. Whether you’re a city commuter, an off-road rider or a weekend warrior, we have a cover to suit you, your Honda and your riding style.

It’s all part of owning a Honda.

Cover your Honda with Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance.

Benefits include:
•New Motorcycle replacement if your motorcycle is less than 24 months old and is a total loss following an accident or theft. Statutory insurance, registration, dealer delivery fees and government charges will be included.
•Agreed value coverage with no surprise in the event of a claim.
•No excess, if the accident was not your fault.
•Personal items cover up to $500.
•Additional items cover of up to $3,000 for clothing, protective safety items, and fabric gear bags if damaged as a result of an accident.
•Trailer cover up to $1,000, for trailers specifically designed for motorcycles if accidentally damaged, stolen or burnt whilst attached to your motorcycle.
•Keys and locks replacement up to $2,000, if your motorcycle keys have been illegally copied, lost or damaged.
•Emergency repairs up to $500.
•Emergency accommodation, travelling expenses or rental car expenses up to $500.
•Towing and clean up costs after an accident.
•Hire car for up to 15 days if your motorcycle is stolen (up to $100 per day).
•Up to $1,000 helmet cover if your helmet is damaged in an accident.

Premium discounts:
•Good drivers make good riders – automatically transfer your car insurance no-claim bonus rating to your motorcycle insurance.
•Electronic theft discount – premium discounts for any approved electronic theft device systems installed on your motorcycle.
•Named rider – premium discounts if only you are insured to ride your motorcycle.

Optional benefits for a small additional premium:
•No claim bonus rating 1 protection.
•Easy monthly repayments.

Don’t Risk It, Extend It with Honda Extended Warranty.

Honda Extended Warranty is available on a wide range of Honda Motorcycles* and will continue the peace of mind that Honda’s standard factory warranty already provides.

Benefits include:
•Covers the repair or replacement of all covered parts (including labour costs) similar to what is provided by the original Honda limited warranty.**
•Choice of cover periods – 12 or 24 months on top of the original Honda limited warranty period (dependant on model).
•Australia wide coverage.
•Simple and effective claims process.
•Repairs are performed through the extensive Honda MPE franchisee network Australia wide.
•Transfer of warranty to the new owner if the motorcycle is sold privately.

Additional Benefits include:
•Towing to the nearest Authorised Honda MPE franchisee or place of safety. $120 limit per claim.
Care hire up to $75 per day for up to 4 days when your Honda is being repaired. •Accommodation up to $100 per day (maximum $300) if you’re more than 200 kilometres away from home and your Honda needs overnight repairs.

Honda Motorcycle Insurances also offers a wide variety of other insurance products to suit your individual riding needs:
•Third Party, Fire and Theft cover
•Third Party Liability cover
•Fire and Theft cover
•Weekend Rider ◦Weekend Rider Cover – Comprehensive cover for Weekends and Annual leave days***. Fire and Theft cover only, for all other days.
◦Weekend Rider Cover Plus – Comprehensive cover for Weekend and Annual leave days***. Third party, Fire and Theft cover only for all other days.

•Tyre & Rim Insurance – to cover the repair cost on your tyres & rims due to puncture, or damage caused by potholes, debris, nails and kerbs.
•Loan Protection Insurance – to cover your Honda’s loan repayments due to illness, injury, trauma, hospitalisation, involuntary unemployment and death.
•Gapcover Insurance – to cover the shortfall between your insurance payout and the amount outstanding on your loan in the event of a Total Loss, subject to the maximum benefit you select.
•Rider Protection Plus Insurance – provides cash benefits in the event of Hospitalisation or Death.
•Scooter Insurance – insurance tailored for your Scooter.
•Off-road Rider Insurance – insurance tailored for your off-road motorcycle. Two choices of cover available: ◦Fire & Theft Insurance – covers damage to your motorcycle in the event of fire or theft.
◦Gapcover Benefits – provides financial protection in the event your motorcycle is declared a total loss and your Fire & Theft total loss payment is less than the amount still owing on your loan contract, ‘the gap’, up to $7000.

Visit your local Honda dealer or call us on 1300 760 658 for more information

PDF: 372kb

*Restricted categories/models apply. Only available at point of sale. Must be purchased from Honda dealership.

**Refer to the Honda MPE Extended Warranty Booklet for full details.

***Weekends are between 6am Friday and midnight Sunday. Annual leave days are the first 20 working days you take as leave during the period of insurance but don’t apply if you are self employed. Gazetted public holidays in your state are also covered.

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